EDI Halbleiter GmbH
ís product line consists of a range of highly specialized silicon rectifiers, standard and special high voltage assemblies, rectifier bridges, surface mount devices and diode arrays. EDI manufactures approximately 95% of its product complete; the balance is purchased with the EDI brand and sold as is or assembled in to special packages.

Product Lines and Sales Mix

  • Bridge rectifiers: 1 ampere through 120 amperes, 50 volts through 1200 volts, single-phase and three-phase configurations.
  • Axial lead rectifiers: 5 milliamperes through 6 amperes, 50 volts through 30,000 volts, in standard, fast recovery and ultra-fast recovery.
  • Night vision diodes and arrays: Ultra-low leakage, sub-miniature high voltage diodes and diode arrays.
  • Assemblies: Catalog and custom designed rectifier assemblies covering a broad spectrum of voltages (up to 250,000 volts), currents (up to 25 amperes), and package styles.
  • Surface mount devices: Rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, UHF diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, switching diodes, transistors and junctions fets.
EDI Halbleiter, since 1977, is a sales subsidiary from Electronic Devices Inc. handling all business in Germany.